Somerset House, Boden Style

I have just returned from Somerset House, where my good friend Emma and I were able to sample preview pieces from the next Boden Autumn Winter 2013 range.

Forgetting the clothes for just a second, the styling for this event was “amazing”. The rooms were decked out with loads of quirky details which have just given me inspiration overload. What do you make of this?

Boden Autumn Winter 2013, Cassette Wall, Hanging Animal Heads, Stencils, Styling

So now I know what to do with David’s collection of old tapes! And I finally know what to do with that breton jumper which shrunk in the wash – put a cardboard letter stencil over the top and..voila..and piece of art!

Boden Autumn Winter 2013, Chandeliers, styling

I love the houses made of fabric remnants and the overhead table display of vintage chandeliers. And, hey, those animal heads look rather familiar. Remember Furry Friends and Fuzzy Felt?

On a wardrobe note I have to say I’m drawn to the shoes everytime – look at these babies. Yup, I’m thinking the same thing too – how long do I have to wait until these are available? Perfect heel height and a perfectly shaped almond toe.

Boden Autumn Winter 2013, Glitter shoes, heeled brogues

And as always, there is something about vintage style baby-wear that gets me everytime – even though those days are gone – and my boys would rather live and die in their football kit, this is what my imaginary baby girl would be wearing this winter…..

Boden Autumn Winter 2013, children's wear

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration.

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