DIY Ulyana Sergeenko Skirt

Do you remember just before summer, I was going on about making a Ulyana Sergeenko skirt, in the post From Russia With Love?

Ulyana Sergeenko, Floral Skirt

Ulyana Sergeenko, floral skirts

Well in true Carolyn spirit, it has only taken me a whole season to actually complete it – just in time to go into winter! Grrrr….

I was actually going to make a summer halter-neck dress out of this fabric, using Simplicity pattern 3823. But once I started putting it together, I thought, stuff it – I’m just going to make this into a skirt.

So I just followed all the skirt instructions until it got to fixing it onto the bodice. Of course it did mean I had to make my own waistband, so I thought why not embellish it with a little bit of vintage lace and some pearl buttons down the side?

The dress came with a petticoat pattern and to be honest, to get the whole Sergeenko skirt effect, I would recommend making it or buying one. The photos below were taken without a petticoat, and you can imagine that with one, the skirt would be considerably fuller.

DIY Ulyana Sergeenko Skirt, Carolyn Everitt, crafts, dressmaking, full skirt, folk skirt
I didn’t have any Sergeenko booties but since Ulyana is wearing platforms in the first pic, I thought I would follow suit. Only, this is as far as I would get, they’re fine for styling purposes but jeez…I can hardly put one foot in front of the other!

I’ve now purchased a black floral print fabric so I’m thinking I might make a black folk skirt, which I can then wear with black boots. I will definitely make a petticoat this time, think it needs the va va voom!

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  1. Lyn Bell

    So lovely and girly. I can’t seem to be able to enter the competition – finger trouble! But, what I love about the 20’s is the fact that ‘girl’s were girl’s and boy’s were boy’s’. Even though the ‘flappers’ were boy’ish in a way , the dresses screamed ‘woman’!

  2. Annia Krystyna

    I wished for a L’Ete 2012 floral version but alas couldn’t find one anywhere and suspected that it would have to be made as it didn’t exist. That was never going to happen and why we need a Little Black Book of tailors and dressmakers- affordable and local!

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