Quirky & Kid Friendly

I had a dilemma over the summer holidays. I promised Sammie, my youngest son, I would decorate his room. The poor little rascal has had a pink bedroom for a year and it really was time to address the matter.

The thing is I hate hero/character wallpaper. We had already been through the whole dark blue Ben 10 wallpaper before and I really didn’t want to go there again. So I started to look for wallpapers that could be used for a feature wall, which wouldn’t dominate the whole room and would look overall ….well ….quirky and stylish rather than something out of Toysrus.

Of course, once we started to do Sammie’s room, George, my eldest wanted his bedroom decorated as well.

Now George is a different kettle of fish. At the age of nearly 9, he has a rather alternative taste. Not one for Ben 10 or Moshi Monsters, he would rather draw a map of the M25 or a comic strip of a football team. Bit of a creative spirit I think.

So after a bit of a search I found two wallpapers to compliment their characters from Bodie & Fou. See if you can guess who’s is who’s?

Bodie & Fou, Dinosaur Wallpaper, purple and silver

Dye-think-e-sauras Wallpaper, Bodie & Fou

Bodie & Fou, In Town wallpaper, Boy's bedroom

In Town Wallpaper, Bodie & Fou

I really like the idea of using a graphic wallpapers in kids’ rooms, even if it’s not meant as a kid’s wallpaper, for example 60’s retro/ vintage prints look particularly great as a feature wall or part of a hideaway, like the ones below:

Retro 0Wallpaper, Children's Bedrooms


graphic wallpaper, children's bedroom, playroom

Girls Bedroom, Nursery, Fairy lights, dolls house, vintage wallpaper


Ferris Wallpaper, Ferm Living, Owl Quilt, dotty bedding yellow, nursery

The bottom two images are from this amazing Danish company called Ferm Living. Just take a look at their catalogue – their textiles are super stylish and have that universal appeal, whether that be for a child’s room or for your own living room. I particularly love the animal cushions!

Ferm Living, Animal Cushions

Talking of cushions and Ferm Living, it was my good friend Camilla who first put me onto their website from one of her images on Pinterest.

But I am actually equally in love with her own cushions and amazing children’s products from her shop Butterscotch & Beesting– also universally stylish and quirky. (Incidentally, she is also Danish – it must be something in the genes!)

Butterscotch and Beesting cushions

Butterscotch and Beesting, Cushions

So do check out Camilla’s site Butterscotch and Beestings and her Etsy shop. You’ll want to be a child again!

You might have noticed that I haven’t shown the rest of the featured bedrooms. That’s because they look like something has exploded in them!

Maybe we should just keep those lovely wallpapers and textiles to ourselves?


  1. Love those beds. I want to do something like that in my girls rooms. Not sure if my ceilings are high enough or Mr MT has the patience to build them but they are so cool.

    My dad built me a special bunk bed when I was a kid. It had a desk underneath and tons of storage. I loved that thing! The wallpaper on the other hand wasn’t so cool. It was hearts! No wonder I coved it over with pages torn from Vogue!

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