Project X Goes Live

Firstly the pole shoot went well (I think)! I have yet to see the pics but we worked our backsides off and made a pretty good team, I might add. So I’m hoping there must be some money shots there. I certainly have the bruises to prove it! Watch this space people….

Secondly, I can now finally launch Project X. I have been collecting a few of my illustrations which people have “liked” on the blog and decided to get them printed into cards. I’ve been procrastinating about it for so long that I thought it was time just to jump straight in.

So these are the images I’ve chosen (so far) – all based around my favourite topics – dance, pin ups girls and Burlesque! They’re printed on a textured linen card, so they have a real feel about them and I must say I’m really pleased with the result:

Carolyn Everitt, Card illustration, pin up girl with lace-cat ears.

Ballet illustration, Carolyn Everitt, Pointe Shoes & Tulle

Masked Burlesque, Carolyn Everitt, Card Illustration

Carolyn Everitt, Greeting Cards, Etsy

So the big question – where can you get them?

Well, they’re available on the Igetakickoutofyou Etsy shop for £3 (excluding postage) and also from the PUSH Shop, for those of you who are local to South East London.

So this is the beginning – I have more illustrations in the pipeline and a collaboration with PUSH to do some T-shirts for them. I’ll keep you posted on developments and if you have any marketing ideas or you think there are other illustrations on the blog, over the last year, that might be worth pursuing – do let me know. And if you know of any good printers?



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