Perfect Pointe

How gorgeous is this shoot from an equally gorgeous blog called Travelling Mama?

Makes me want to turn back the clock, be a ballerina, live in Copenhagen and ……organise my wardrobe while on pointe (perhaps not!)

Love those colours and I’m all over those leg warmers:

Copenhagen ballet,,

pointe shoes, shelby, copenhagen ballet,

Shelby, Copenhagen ballet,,

Shelby,, Copenhagen ballet

Shelby, Copenhagen Ballet,

Shelby, Copenhagen Ballet,

I have my own pole shoot on Friday and I’m hoping to include a few pics on pointe (if I can bear it!) Haven’t done that in a while, I can tell you.

The plan is also to finally film the Bad Things routine, I’ve even bought some special pole glue so I can stick to the pole (hope I can peel myself off!) The thing is you just never know with pole – sometimes you feel strong and other days you just don’t. Hope it’s the former!

Anyway if you hear nothing more on the subject, you know it didn’t go too well.


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