Juergen Teller Adventure

Apologies it has been at least two weeks since I’ve blogged and I’m usually a lot more punctual.

The reason being a) maybe it’s the weather but I haven’t been hugely inspired lately b) the builders have arrived and I’m trying to pack up my kitchen so that it will fit into a tiny study upstairs and c) I’ve been doing a lot of drawing for something called Project X which I will elaborate on in a future post.

Anyway, what I haven’t skipped on is my regular visits to Pinterest, oh yes – this addiction shows no signs of waning! I love the fact that you can click on one picture that strikes a chord and before you know it your clicking one link after another, until you finally realise that you’ve been on one hell of an online journey. (er…..when you could have been doing the laundry, cleaning up etc….)

Well this particular picture of Nadja Auermann (which I totally love) took me on a Juergen Teller journey – an almost nostalgic journey back to the 90’s – remember those first polaroid-esque pictures? The Katharine Hamnett ads? Loved them.  Anyway enough words…….enjoy:

Nadja Auermann, Juergen Teller

Kate Moss, Juergen Teller

Katharine Hamnett, Iris Palmer, Juergen Teller

Kate Moss, Juergen TellerLInda Evangelista, Juergen Teller

Kate Moss, Juergen Teller

Chloe Sevigny, Juergen Teller

Kate Moss, Juergen Teller

And more recently the Celine and Vivienne Westwood ads – clearly a fan of Kate Moss, wouldn’t you say?

Celine Advert, Juergen Teller

Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, Juergen Teller

Big thank you to juergenteller.tumblr where most of these images came from.

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