Mes Carnet de Couture

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely day in Paris with my mum for my birthday.

We did the usual haunts, Bon Marché, the Marais and I managed to just catch one of the last days of the Chloé exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

Oh there were so many lovely things to buy…..including a few culinary delights:

mushrooms at Bon Marche

Vegetables at Bon Marche

The mushroom and veg displays at Bon Marché

Chandeliers at Bon Marche

Displays at Bon Marche

cushions at bon marche

Chandeliers, plate displays and cushions

Furniture at Merci, Paris

Furniture at Bon Marche

The “I want to move in” furniture displays at Merci

But the one thing I found, which really caught my eye, was a collection of sewing books called “Mes Carnet de Couture“, in a little haberdashery shop, off the Francs Bourgeois in the Marais.

mes carnet de couture lisette

Little girl, Mes Carnet de couture

Mes Carnet de couture

This is just a small selection, but there are many more.

I don’t know about you but I rarely find patterns that are edgy or preppy in style (think APC). The normal variety just seem a little dated. These, I assume are of Japanese/French origin so are quite simple but very effective.

Now I have to be honest, my french is pretty dismal and my sewing skills still a little basic, so I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t get too far translating these patterns. However, I have managed to track them down on Amazon and found a few English versions.

Mes Carnet de Couture, English translation, Amazon

mes carnet de couture, english translation, amazon

And all the patterns are included in the book, so no trips to John Lewis!

I think for the sake of the blog I really need to have a couple of these books in my stocking this Christmas, just to taste the goods, so to speak!


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