Postcards With An Edge

Between bouts of fighting with my children in Mallorca, over inflatable dolphins and alligators, I spotted these traditional postcards.

All were taken by Arxiu Bestard/ Casa Bestard, which houses the largest archive of Mallorcan photography from the late nineteenth century up until 2006.

How ingenious! I don’t really send postcards, it almost seems quite an outdated idea, or is that just me?

But these are something else and certainly too beautiful to leave to the uncertainties of the post!

FormentorFormentor circa 1920s

Dona vestida de Pagesa, Mallorca 1912

Dona vestida de Pagesa, Mallorca 1912

Toreros, Alcudia 1898Toreros, Alcudia 1898

Cala Sant Vicenc, 1898Cala Saint Vicenç, 1898

Senyoreta amb Ventall, Mallorca 1930Senyoreta amb Ventall, Mallorca 1930

Turistes a Pollenca, 1914Turistes a Pollença, 1914

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