The Red Riding Hood Collection

I watched Red Riding Hood the other night and whilst the story was a bit thin on the ground, the costumes and scenery were breathtaking. It’s real woodland fairy tale stuff.

During the week I took a peek at Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2012 collection. As you know I’m a HUGE fan, I love her folksy 1940’s style, always accessorised with little booties.

(If you think the perspex heels look tretcherous just take a look at these – better still, watch the show)

All I can say is Ulyana should have unveiled this collection on the set of Red Riding Hood – because it fits the fairy tale woodland landscape down to the ground. What do you think?

Red RIding Hood Film, setting, grandma's house

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, red dress

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, black full skirt, mohair jumper and satchel

Red Riding Hood Film, setting

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, red print dress

Red Riding Hood film, red hood

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, Red print full skirt, grey mohair jumper, satchel

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, red print dress

Red RIding Hood, Night Scene

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, white fur

Even the wolf gets a look-in!

Ulyana Segeenko, Fall 2012, Fur skirt

and might I add, I have a new favourite accessory – bye-bye booties and hello satchel backpacks…..

Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2012, satchel backpacks

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