The Return of the Perspex Heel

Perspex Heels & Fishnets

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to showcase the 1941 perspex heeled shoes below, from the book Fashion at the time of Fascisim. They just look so remarkably modern, particularly the wedges, that you really wouldn’t look twice if they appeared in the pages of Vogue.

1940's Perspex Shoes, Italy
1940's perspex wedges

And indeed this month’s Vogue’s Catwalk Guide has given me the perfect opportunity to put these babies back into the limelight. From Yves St Laurent to Chanel to Rodarte, perspex is the material “de rigeur” for Autumn heels.

Perspex Heels, Yves St Laurent, Fall 2012

Perspex heeled boots, Rodarte, Fall 2012

Perspex heels, Chanel, Fall 2012

Perspex heeled boots, Erdem, Fall 2012

Perspex heels, Chanel, Fall 2012When perspex comes to mind my resounding image has to be the Queen of the Galaxy, Barbarella. Designed by Paco Rabanne, there’s no escaping the influence of transparent, highly textured material in these costumes. From head to toe, every outfit found itself bubble wrapped!

Perspex boots, Barbarella, Jane Fonda

I must admit I rather fancy these little booties so maybe a touch of Barbarella would be rather refreshing this autumn. Not sure about the badger outfit though!

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