Spot the Difference – Anita Calero, New York

Well, I survived my “event” on Friday – which I shall blog about in the near future. I’m just waiting for the photographs to materialize and I’ll then share them with you all. (Depending on how they turn out!)

So back to real life again and back to some inspiration.

During the weekend I settled down under the duvet, with …yes… a slight hangover, and flicked through a Dutch Elle Decoration, Mr E had bought me. I was also looking through one of my favourite books “Flea Market Style”  by Emily Chalmers.

I kept the pages open of the interior shots I liked and went and made a cup of tea. When I came back I was suddenly struck by the fact that I had chosen the same location in both publications, but one had slightly different vintage details. For a moment I thought….Jeez I really am drinking too much…I’m seeing double!!

The apartment belongs to photographer Anita Calero in West Chelsea, New York and it’s a great example of how little vintage finds can make a room feel different and also how art can lift a room?

The first picture is from Flea Market Finds – and I would imagine the less recent of the two.

The second is from Elle Decoration,  along with the subsequent images of the rest of her amazing apartment.

So here is a test. How many differences you can find?

Time starts now…..

Anita Calero, Loft, Flea Market Finds, Emily Chalmers

Anita Calero, Elle Decoration, Apartment, Loft, Jonny Valiant

Anita Calero, Loft, Apartment, New York, Elle Decoration, Jonny Valiant

And to finish, some examples of her very cool work:

Anita Calero, hardware photography

Anita Calero, Photography

Anita Calero, photography

Anita Calero, Photography, stationary

Have a good day people!

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