Bordello Inspired Buys

I don’t know what happened there – the post seemed to publish before I was ready to go…

So following on from the Lure of the Bordello – I’ve drummed up a little victorian wardrobe.

Love all of it, want to own all of it – except perhaps the bustle – not sure I would fare too well with that – must be a nightmare to sit in!

BTW – if you want more info on what’s listed below, just click on the picture.

Uk Corsets. Bordello style, burlesque, victorian corset

Pink underbust corset, Maison Close, Etsy, Burlesque

Antoinette Corset, What Katie Did, Bordello, Maison Close, Burlesque

Corset camisole, Etsy, Maison Close

Etsy Bloomers

Lace Petticoat, burlesque, Maison Close, Victorian

Lace Petticoat, Etsy, Maison Close, Burlesque


Wolford Lace Up tights

Agent Provoacteur bustle, Bordello, Maison Close, Burlesque

Bib , Etsy necklace, bordello necklace

Maison Close Masque, BurlesqueBurlesque costume dressing is so much more popular than I thought. I went to the Wilderness Festival last weekend and they had this amazing mobile burlesque boudoir, where you could hire a costume for the night. What a brilliant idea!

Wilderness Festival, Prangsta, Burlesque costumes

Wilderness Festival, Burlesque costumes, prangsta

And Pushettes, the next time we do a burlesque show I think it might be worth checking this out – they’re only in New Cross. It’s called Prangsta. And for any of you who are local they also do other costumes as well.

Prangsta burlesque costumes

Prangsta burlesque costumes

That’s all for now folks – have a good weekend – and remember Maison Close is on Sunday night.

One comment

  1. I can’t believe how affordable those corsets are. I thought they’d be around £100! Shame I haven’t got anything to squeeze into/out of it. Well I have, but I’m sure you’re supposed to be pushing out of the top not the bottom!

    I’m completely in love with the lace skirt/ petticoat though! That’s more my thing. More of hide it all!

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