Elegantly Lounging

Pyjamas are back.

But for those of you not in the know, this is not for lounging at home, this is an everywhere , every way trend.

Asos Pyjama Party, pyjama trend

Just as the slip was in the days of grunge. Remember Amanda de Cadenet, Courtney Love and Kate Moss?

Amanda de Cadenet, Courtney Love, Slips

Kate Moss, Vintage Nightdress

Kate Moss, Transparent slip dress

I like the idea of pyjamas, I love the cut.

I loved the slip too – I had a black one, which was too big and I safety-pinned it at the back to give a more hour-glass shape. It must have looked ridiculous from the back, but I was young and at uni, so I guess it probably fitted right in!

But hang-on, this is to go out in, to party in.

Once upon a time, and not in my lifetime, these glamorous items were one a penny and were for the sole object of lounging at home, receiving guests and getting ready for an evening. It is a whole genre of clothing which just seems to have disappeared from our lives.

Are our lives so different or perhaps the track suit has taken its place – it seems a bit of a shame?

Browsing on my favourite So Vintage Patterns site, there is a whole category dedicated to slips and nightwear. You would be forgiven for thinking that you had clicked onto the wrong page.

The detail and the beauty of these designs are really something – housecoats, bed jackets, culotte pyjamas, slips, baby-dolls and that’s just for starters.

Anyone who has been to a vintage fair will tell you there are more slips and nightdresses than there are clothes.

Lounge wear was BIG!

So Vintage Patterns, nightgownSo Vintage Patterns, Housecoat

So Vintage Patterns, Midriff top, pyjamasSo Vintage Patterns, 1960s housecoat

So I can feel an Inspired Buy coming on.

With this pyjama trend being so current, surely we can unearth some treasures, purely for posing in our little palaces?

Here is a little selection:

Jean Harlow, Dinner at Eight, Jenny Packham, NIghtgown, Netaporter

Audrey Hepburn, Pyjamas, Anthropologie

Butterfield 8, Elizabeth Taylor, Negligee

Veda Pierce, Loungewear, Rosamosario, pyjamas

So loved ones, if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift – lounge wear is back and has longevity that lingerie just doesn’t have and style that flannel pyjamas lack.

(Not that I’m knocking flannel pyjamas, sometimes it’s all I can do from jumping into them.)

But be warned, purchase them now while they are aplenty, or they’ll disappear again for another 30 years!


  1. I love, love, love the pj look but don’t think I could carry it off outdoors! Too much wobble- not enough control but it’s a look I am often seen in at home. Nothing beats them for comfort and style.

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