George Hurrell – Shadowcaster

“A Hurrell portrait is to the ordinary publicity stills what a Rolls-Royce is to a roller-skate”.          This is how George Hurrell, MGM’s main man, was described in Esquire magazine in 1936.

Weimar style ... Marlene Dietrich photography by George Hurrell in 1931.

Marlene Dietrich

George Hurrell, Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake

George swept into town with the intention of becoming a painter, only once he started photographing heiresses, with his signature dramatic spotlight, creating sculptured cheekbones and glowing skin, he never looked back.

George Hurrell, Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard

By 1929 he had a contract with MGM and became renowned as an image maker, helping to create the flowing locks of Veronica Lake and the impressive cleavage of Jane Russell.

George Hurrell, Jane Russell

Jane RussellGeorge Hurrell, Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow

I’ve even spotted some gorgeous images of Brooke Shields, Sherilyn Fenn and Jessica Lange. Oh, how comfortable would you feel to know that you were going to sculptured and veneered – no wonder they all look so serene!


Jessica Lange


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