Style Crush – The Girl From Love Street

I experienced a real stab of nostalgia while watching Mad Men this week. When Megan appeared in her indian hippie dress, it really took me back to my school and university days (an indie trend you understand, I wasn’t born until the seventies!) and a whopping great infatuation with all things bohemian.

In sixth-form I had a huge girl-crush on a friend called Polly. She was in my English class and knew her literature like noone else, particularly poetry. She had the longest hair and an older boyfriend whom she lived with….quite scandalous at the time. And, oh, did she look cool in her indian print dresses, rings on her fingers, and yes, even bells on her toes.

I spent many years after that  trying to hone my own bohemian look and, as luck had it, my mum had a quite a collection of indian print skirts and kaftans. There is also photographic evidence of an amazing afghan coat – which my mum swears she never got rid of. But can we find it? No…

After Polly, came Star, in the The Lost Boys – remember that amazing sequined skirt?

bohemian style, jami gertz, the lost boys

After Star, came Mila Jovovich in Dazed and Confused….

Mila Jovovich, Dazed and Confused

Even Madonna, with her Patachouli scented “Like a Prayer” album…

Madonna, Like a Prayerand finally Meg Ryan, as Pamela Courson, in The Doors.

Damn, I wanted her wardrobe and perhaps Val Kilmer too!

In fact Pamela’s own wardrobe looked just as covetable, the original girl from Love Street:

Pamela Courson

Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison

Pamela Courson

Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison

Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison

There are some great bohemian looks on pinterest – but I think I might leave that for another post, later in the week.

Hey, I might even get round to doing an Inspired Buys this week. I haven’t done one in ages.


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