Vintage Whites

Vintage Whites, Carolyn Everitt, edwardian, 1920's fashion illustration

I’m rather susceptible to white lace dresses, particularly the edwardian types with the bobble edging and crochet details.

In fact you can usually spot me at a vintage fair by the trail I lead from one white outfit to the next. Generally, followed closely by my mum, saying “yes it’s lovely but when would you wear it?”

Well the weather, for the last few days anyway, has been perfect for a white dress – this is when I would wear it ………if I had one.

So, with a little investigation, here are some rather lovely white lace dresses to drool over, introduced by a little inspiration:

Rustic Meets VintageVIntage whites, lace edwardian skirt, lace up boots

Igetakickoutofyou PinterestVintage Whites, bobble edged dress, chloe

Igetakickoutofyou Pinterest20120811-134900.jpg

Vintage Textiles

Purses at the Ready………..

Vintage Textiles  $80020120811-135101.jpg

Etsy $20020120811-135135.jpg

Etsy $37520120811-135159.jpg

Etsy $68Vintage Whites, Asos, White lace dress

Asos £100VIntage Whites, Asos, White Lace Dress

Asos £120

Personally, I think the vintage ones have the edge over the more modern versions, but I suppose at least they’re not as fragile or petite.

I absolutely love the second one at Etsy, and pretty reasonable considering the excellent condition and exquisite detail.

Hmmm … this space, I might have to make it mine …..unless you get there first!


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