Rediscovered Treasures – Lighting

My mum bought me this terrific book “Rediscovered Treasures – A New Life For Old Objects”. It has so many vintage style projects, I just don’t know where to start and, as per usual, I’m left talking about it rather than doing it.

Rediscovered Treasures, vintage stye projects for the home

So I thought I would just share a few of the lighting ideas which have really caught my eye. I’ll leave the craft projects for another post (maybe when I’ve actually made something!)

Thermos Flask Lamp Bases

Rediscovered Treasures, Thermos Flask Lamp

“Remove the glass lining from the flask and drill holes in the side near the base for the electrical cord. A light bulb holder can be fixed so the neck of the the thermos flask (you can buy lamp fittings in many DIY and hardware shops). For the lamp on the left, we have stripped an old lampshade and wrapped ribbon round the frame, then threaded beads onto wire and twined it round. The lampshade on the right is an old silk shade further embellished with pretty buttons, rick rack and lace trim.”

Magic Lantern In A Jar

Rediscovered Treasures, Magic Lantern in a jar

“The three screws on the lamp holder should be screwed all the way in. Thread the aluminium ring from the preserving jar past the lamp holder. Slacken the screws and let the lid rest on them. Attach a light bulb and then screw the preserving jar on to the aluminium ring. Use a clear low wattage light bulb.”

Candles In Cups

Rediscovered Treasures, Tea Cup Candles

“We have made candles in a beautiful collection of old rose patterned cups and cream jugs but you can use any pretty container that takes your fancy or suits your decor. You are only limited by your imagination.”

Warm Heart Candle

Rediscovered Treasures, Heart Cake Tin Candle

“This larger candle with three wicks was made in an attractive heart shaped cake tin. Keep your eyes peeled for pretty pieces of china, glass, bakeware and tins when scouring junk shops.”

There is a guide to candle making in the back of the book.

Loaf Tin Candlesticks

Rediscovered Treasures, Loaf Tin Candle Holder

“Attach clip-on candleholders firmly to textured loaf tins. Glue a picture hook to the back of the tin in order to hang it on the wall or rest the tin on a shelf.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Seriously, by the time I have finished devouring this book I’ll have a whole cottage industry going on!


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