Look But Don’t Touch

I have a thing for bare brick walls.

In my dream home I would have a feature wall with a gorgeously aged and textured brick wall.

But let’s face it unless your living in a factory conversion or a rare original apartment in Copenhagen or Paris, antique fixtures and aged brick are hard to find and, I would imagine, a devil to maintain.

But if you want to fake it – now you can. There are some seriously clever wallpapers out there, which – as long as you don’t touch – could fool you easily into thinking a restoration project had just been completed and that your new-build was actually, a 19th century panelled townhouse!
Irving Penn, utility tiles wallpaper, Deborah BpwnessImage: Irving Penn. Wallpaper – Utility Tiles/ Tile F, Deborah BownessMarilyn Monroe, Brooklyn tins wallpaper, Bodie & Fou, Merci, Cecil BeatonImage: Cecil Beaton. Wallpaper – Brooklyn Tins by Merci at Bodie & Fou

Irving Penn, white brick wallpaper, Koziel, Rockett st GeorgeImage: Irving Penn. Wallpaper – White Bricks, Koziel at Rockett St George

Ingenious aren’t they? And the samples above are just the tip of the iceberg – have a good peruse through Rockett St George and Bodie & Fou because there are all kinds of variations.

Have a good weekend folks. Cx

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