Collages From Buenos Aires Part 2

Finalmente, the rest of the collages from Buenos Aires……Buenos Aires, Collage, Carolyn Everitt

(from right) Kitsch calendar pics from Arandu, the most amazing polo shop in Recoleta, a tin wall mount from the flea market in San Telmo, Gaucho hats courtesy of Brooke de Ocampo in US Vogue June 06.
Buenos Aires, Burlesque, Vintage Hats, La Bambe de Areco

(from left) Vintage hats from one of the impressive antique shops in San Telmo, Tango at the 50th Birthday Party, Vintage Burlesque poster – Buenos Aires style.

My purchases! A horse blanket (I don’t have a horse but I love the texture of these blankets), a gaucho belt from Arandu and the most sought after shoes in Argentina. I spotted these on a gorgeous girl at the Birthday Party and asked her where she got them from. In the hype of the party all I could remember were the words Lonte and Quintana (she was Argentinian)- and after a rather frantic trek around Recoleta, I finally found them.

One pair left, in my size….it would have been rude to leave them behind!

Buenos Aires, Colour pictures

The incredible pastures of La Bamba de Areco and one of the many opulent mausoleums in Buenos Aires cemetery.

Buenos Aires, Pinks

A few pinks to finish.

My dress for the Birthday Party (no, not vintage but Coast, would you believe?)and this gorgeous vintage style kitchen from Taschen’s Living in Argentina.

Wanderlust has set in again…….big sigh!

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