Spring Blush by TOAST

I know I should be embracing the snow, but in London, it really is just a crime. This sludgy, slushy grey ice is just depressing and makes me yearn for spring

So it was so refreshing to get the February taster from Toast – it just gives you the inspiration to hold on until these grey days have passed. And guess what? This season there’s a lot of Vintage Pink!

As you know I have a real thing for this subtle blush coloured pink – hell – I’ve even started a new folder on Pinterest so I can keep the collection going. So I have a bit of “wishlist” with Toast and I even thought I’d get my paintbrush out to illustrate my new finds (which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t done in quite a while). So thank you Toast …….

Toast Spring Collection, Blush Pink spotted shirt, fashion Illustration

Polka Dot Blouse £119Toast Spring Collection, Fashion Illustration, Olivia Heels

Olivia Heels £215Toast Spring Collection, Fashion Illustration, Ila SatchelIla Satchel £179Toast Spring Collection, Gena Coat, Fashion IllustrationGena Coat £225

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