Bunny Girls, Beasts & Bears

Today I planned to do the next installment of my Buenos Aires collages but alas, the schools are closed because of the snow, so I will have two little people causing havoc today!

So I thought, as a bit of a quickie, I would show you some new pin-up art that I’ve found by Natalie Krim. It’s a little more edgy than the 1950’s golden girls but totally ingenious.

Natalie Krim Bunny Girls, Fashion Illustration

Natalie Krim, dogs

Natalie Krim, Bears

Natalie Krim, Lion Tamer

Natalie Krim, Zebra

Natalie Krim, Swans

Natalie Krim, Rats

Natalie Krim, rats

I absolutely look the bunny girls! If you get a chance, take a look at her website – there’s some seriously clever stuff there……..>

Out of the corner of my eye, I have just seen my duvet disappearing along with the clothes horse, and I suspect there is a hideout being built. So I will say my adieus, as there will no doubt be a fight or a clothes horse landing on someone’s head, very soon. Cx


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