Un Año Nuevo Refrescante

I can’t actually remember the last time I stayed in on New Year’s Eve or at least not celebrated it in some shape or form. But this year I’m turning over a new leaf.

Perhaps I’m just overly superstitious (I’m sure I’m not alone there) but I can’t help feeling that the last few years (normally starting with a heaving hangover) haven’t been anywhere near as productive as I would like them to be. So perhaps this year I should start it sober and with any luck feel refreshed the next day and hopefully start a trend for the year.

So to kick-start this rejuvenation (or perhaps that should be rehabilitation!) I thought I’d share with you these really creative workspace pics from an interiors magazine I picked up in Argentina, earlier in the month.

This is my goal – some semblance of organisation – in the most creative way possible!

Espacios de Trabajo, Living, MoodboardsArgentina,


Workspaces, Espacios de Trabajo, Living, Argentina

Espacios de Trabajo, Living, Argentina,

Espacios de trabajo, Living, Argentina

Espacios de Trabajo, Living, Detail & DisplaySee you in 2013!


  1. Is that at the bottom of her garden? I really love that. I would love to have a little home office, painted all white with big double doors to let the sunshine in and the fresh air too…. as long as it has great heating and is a kid free zone. I just had to uncover my mac from all the kids drawings just to be able to type!

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