Flower House

Nestled in the outskirts of Paris, is this wonderful workshop.

An artisan home which feels like it’s evolved from the Eden Project.

Here, it’s difficult to see where art begins and functional living ends.

Both are caught up in a meadow of flowers.

How refreshing to wake up here?
Clare Basler, Flower Portraits, Paris Workshop

Clare Basler, Flower Portraits, Paris Workshop, Sitting room

Clare Basler, Flower Portraits, Paris Workshop, kitchen

Clare Basler, Flower Portraits, paris workshop, bedroom

The former iron-works belong to Clare Basler. Her beautiful flowered panels litter the walls making it difficult to distinguish what is greenery from the outside and what is inside, what is real and what is painted.

“My paintings add punch to the decor so it goes without saying that I’d want to use them throughout….I don’t think you should ever make a permanent decision with a live/work space. I try to keep things as fluid as possible a work and family life are constantly changing”.

To get an in depth look at some of Clare’s work, take a look at www.clarebasler.com – you’ll think you been transported to another world!

(Images Mads Mogensen, Elle Decoration March 2010)


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