Artisan Homes – Lifestyle Lust Part 1

I moved a year ago and I now finally have the time to get to grips with my new abode.

I have always found that the period and build of a house dictates my interior choices. Which is why we moved in the first place, from a very period Edwardian house, to a more ratty Victorian one.

I’m not an ordered chintzy kind of gal – I like my creative “stuff” and I like it around me – much to my husband’s dismay!

I’m definitely seeing a trend – I seem to gravitate towards artisan’s homes. Homes full of weird and wonderful collections.

So from my collection of clippings so far (we might be here for months) – here is a small collection of those that I’m lusting after. Husband, avert your eyes……..

Carpenter and woodwork designer Ariele Alasko:

Ariele Alasko, Carpenter, Brooklyn

Lace-maker and jewellery designer Emma Cassi:

Emma Cassi, Lace maker, Jewellery designer, Home style

and über textile designer Amy Butler:

(Apartment Therapy takes you on a tour round the property – the outside is just as amazing as the inside – well worth taking a look!)

Amy Butler, Ohio, Home style, textile designer

More next week………

Images: Ariele Alasko via Brooklyn to West & The Makers by Jennifer Causey

Emma Cassi via House of Bliss & Kristin Peters for Elle Decoration August 2010

Amy Butler:  Matthew Williams for Living Etc & Apartment Therapy


      • sophie king

        Definately. I would rather fill my house with unique finds than shop brought, mass produced crap. I love coming up with new ways to use things as well; I’ve recently found a paint palette that was to be tossed away (those ones with the little wells), but I brought it home with me and because I am not a painter, but am arty in other ways, I’ve decided to use it as a tiny plant pot… it looks perfect for growing watercress. The dried paint looks really good on it too.. more rustic.

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