Wallpaper frames “The Shrimp”

A few weeks back I went to a launch of a wonderful collection of new wallpapers and fabrics by Scion. One of the sets they had arranged had this gorgeous retro orange wallpaper – which would make a show stopping feature wall.

So I thought why not browse a little selection of some retro, vintage inspired feature walls – with a little help from The Shrimp!

Jean Shrimpton, Cassette Wallpaper, Bodie & Fou

C60 Wallpaper/Cassettes Wallpaper – Bodie & Fou £45

Jean Shrimpton, Steve McQueen, Hulanicki Wallpaper, Graham & Brown

Baroque by Barbara Hulanicki  – Graham & Brown £60

Jean Shrimpton, Logpile wallpaper, Roddy & Ginger

Logpile wallpaper by Roddy & Ginger £52

Jean Shrimpton, Designers Guild Wallpaper

Rheinsburg Slate, Designer’s Guild £47

Jean Shrimpton

Do the Stretch by Hemmingway, Graham & Brown £30

Jean Shrimpton

Lace Wallpaper by Scion, available at John Lewis £30

Jean Shrimpton

Bookshelf Wallpaper by Y & B  – Bodie & Fou £70

Go forth and decorate!

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