Sneak Peek

I love the sneak peek that DesignSponge do every week. I love seeing how other people put things together – even if it’s a totally different style to your own.

After having moved house over a year ago, I am finally happy with one room of my house – the sitting room. There are plenty more to do – some which will, no doubt, require demolitition work – so it’s comforting to know there’s one room which will remain constant.

In my last house I felt the style of the room was very much dictated by the period features. It wasn’t because they were particularly heavy, there was just a mood to the room which, try as I might, I couldn’t get rid of. Which is probably why I was so insistent on moving.

So, while I was sitting there last night, the kids had gone to bed and Mr E was out, I put the candles on and thought, perhaps I should do a sneak peek of this room?

So I took some quick snaps and decided to add some daylight hours too.  I hope you like them – I even managed to sneak some of my (very important) African bits in, which had been denied the chance to shine, in the last house.


  1. What a beautiful and comforting room. I love it! I would eventually love to separate my office and sitting room. Maybe when the boys move I can capture one of their rooms for my office and give my sitting room it’s own space. I have mine done in a Parisian Floral with my Eiffel Tower collection spread throughout the room.
    Peach State

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