The Pushettes go Forever Crazy at Crazy Horse

Today, and until the end of the week, I’m guest posting for PUSH Studios, as I’m helping them set up their blog.

Do you remember The PUSHETTES? The burlesque/cabaret troupe I dance with for Push Studios?

Well, for a little inspiration we thought we’d check out the créme de la créme of seduction at the exotic cabaret Forever Crazy, courtesy of the Crazy Horse Club in Paris.

I can’t tell you how excited I was about seeing this show. You might have read a bit about it in the Time’s Style magazine.

crazy horse, forever crazy

All the girls have to have certain measurements and I mean precise measurements – height of shoulders, height of buttocks, inside leg, position of nipple (sunny side up apparently) – the list goes on. Really, can you possibly find such a “cloned” dance troupe?

Oh yes you can!

And once the show started I began to realise why such measurements have to be so precise. Take a look below:

Crazy Horse, God save our bareskin, Forever Crazy

You really wouldn’t want to be the odd one out here, would you?

The show is a kind of saucy 80′s Flashdance, with a Salvador Dali-esque backdrop (note the Mae West sofa) and a very french electronic soundtrack. Totally hypnotic!

Crazy Horse, Forever Crazy, Mae West Sofa, Salvador Dali

Crazy Horse, Forever Crazy

It wasn’t without humor either, at various points in the show, a blonde popped out tottering in the highest Louboutins I’ve ever seen, mouthing the words to Bisou Bisou, kissing cards and throwing them into the audience. So random you just had to laugh.

Forever Crazy, Crazy Horse, Bisou Bisou

And that’s the beauty of it. It’s glossy and it’s highly sexy, the dancing is incredible – just what you would expect from an exotic Parisian cabaret. But the really clever thing is the surreal atmosphere created through the lighting, costumes and themes. It just has to be seen to be believed.

And see you can, you lucky people, because there is a great YouTube video, which features Dita Von Teese (showering, would you believe??).

I would have loved to have seen this live:

So if your looking for something completely different to lighten up your life, I highly recommend this one – just watch out for the hoover.

Not one of the acts you understand, just that the people in the foyer like to hoover while you’re entering the building, while you’re watching the performance, while you’re enjoying your drink at the bar and until the last person leaves. The reason we know this is because it was peeing it down all evening, so we were forced to stay at the venue until our cab came….in the company of the hoover! Irritating, just a tad.

Crazy Horse, Forever Crazy

I suppose I should also add that one of the purposes of the trip was to pick up a few tips for the next PUSHETTE performance (at Xmas…watch this space) but I’m not sure East Dulwich is quite ready for it, come to think of it, unless Kevin and Amanda are offering to run a bootcamp for the next couple of months, neither am I!

Forever Crazy, The PushettesAnnia, Me, Amanda, Ijy (our fifth member, the lovely Linda, sadly couldn’t make it) and Magalie

P.s. Don’t get drunk young men to take your only group photo!

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