Salvage Inspired Best Buys

Hands up, who loves salvage style products but doesn’t have the time to scour the globe? I think I might be in good company!

Salvage style

Well, this season I’ve been blown away by some of the collections from online and highstreet retailers. They have seriously upped their game and there are some great bargains out there.

Ok, so they don’t have the coolness of something you just happened to pick up in a flea market in New York or India but hey, who needs to know?

So here’s a little selection of best buys:

Salvage Style, Cox & Cox, trolley, zinc tray, wooden drawers

Vintage metal trolley £145, Zinc tray table £90, Wooden set of drawers £65

Cox & Cox

Bodie & Fou, House Doctor salvage collection

House Doctor 5 drawer storage unit £885, House Doctor wooden stool £79.99, House Doctor industrial wall storage £169.99

Bodie & Fou

Plumo, salvage style products

Clamplight £89, Wire bird cage £79, Candle log £229


Next home salvage collection

Islington 6 Lamp pendant £65, Large wire ampersand £14, Tresham lamp £35


H&M salvage style home collection

Photographic print curtain £12.99, Storage basket £7.99, Cushion cover £6.99


Happy shopping!

One comment

  1. I can’t think of any furniture in our house that isn’t reclaimed, except for a single Ikea chair 😉 Rather loving Lee Brooms lights at the moment

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