Marilyn – Pin Up vs Portrait

This weekend was the 50th anniversary of Marilyn’s death.

I wanted to do a “10 favourite images” but a) I couldn’t narrow it down to 10 and b) there seemed such a distinction between the pin up shots and the portrait shots, I thought I’d make a point of it.

So which do you prefer – the pin-up or portraits?

From Pin Up

Marilyn Monroe, Milk and Eggs in bed, Playboy

Photo: Andre de DienesYoung pin up Marilyn in a towel and tan lines

Playboy 1953Marilyn Monroe, suspenders, milton greene

Photo: Milton GreeneMarilyn Monroe in a slip, looking out window

Photo: Sam ShawMarilyn Monroe, pin up, in a towel

Marilyn Monroe, black cardigan coat, Milton GreenePhoto: Milton Greene

To Portrait

Marilyn Monroe, glamours, strapless dress
Marilyn Monroe, Turquoise pantsuit, Milton Greene

Photo: Milton GreeneMarilyn Monroe, White tulle skirt, Milton Greene

Photo: Milton GreeneMarilyn Monroe, Corbis, 1952

Photo: Hulton Deutsche CollectionMarilyn Monroe, Chanel No 5, floral wallpaper

Photo: Michael Ochs ArchiveMarilyn Monroe, peasant outfit, Milton Greene

Photo: Milton GreeneMarilyn Monroe, side portrait

Photo: Eve Arnold

How can anyone make sexiness seem so vulnerable and vulnerability so sexy? Only Marilyn……..

The legend lives on..


  1. sophie king

    They are all stunning pictures. She is just the epitome of glamour and femininity.
    As I write this, I see modern-day girls wearing their tracksuits walking past my window and they just don’t compare to Marilyn and other glamorous pin-up girls of the past.

    • I know what you mean. Whilst it’s great that we live in a world where no one would bat an eye if you wandered around in your PJs – I do think we’ve lost a certain something along the way. Cx

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