From Russia With Love

From Russia with Love, Ulyana Sergeenko, Carolyn Everitt, Fashion IllustrationI normally lust over the March editions of  fashion magazines – identifying the summer trends I like and then searching for affordable options in the high street supplements. It’s a twice yearly routine.

But I have to be honest, other than the flapper dressses and the fifities crop bustiers, this year has left me a little cold – I’m not sure why? I was starting to think maybe it was an age thing – which is never a good road to go down.

However I came across a little russian gem which has reassurred me that I definately haven’t lost my inspiration. The gem came in the name of Ulyana Sergeenko.

GQ, Ulyana Sergeenko

I came across Ulyana Sergeenko purely through her pictures on various street style blogs. I love her vintage pieces mixed with top-end designer garb.

Ulyana Sergeenko. Grey full skirt and grey jumper, scarf

Ulyana Sergeenko, Wayne Tippett, Black dress and hat

Photographed by Wayne Tippetts

Ulyana Sergeenko, Full ditsy print skirt

Ulyana Sergeenko, red dress

Or at least what I thought was vintage…

It now appears what I love is actually part of her collection – and boy what collections they are:

“I was mesmerised by the way my grandmother looked; I guess she was the one who has influenced my style the most: she wore printed cotton dresses worn with hand-knitted sweaters or cardigans and heels. 

In my work, there are a lot of references to Russian culture, especially Russian cinematography. I find inspiration for my collections in works by Mikhalkov, Kalatozov, Khuziev, Gerasimov. And I like traditional Russian crafts – all those embroideries, bead-works, hand-made laces and knits. They combine naivety with intricacy of technique.”

Wonderland Magazine

From winter:

Ulyana Sergeenko, Autum Winter Collection 2012

Russian Glamour, Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko, Russian Glamour

To summer:

We imagined Brigitte Bardot coming to the Soviet Union. So we have swimsuits, puffy skirts, shirts with few buttons open…and then on the other hand we reinterpreted traditional Russian themes. So the spring/summer collection is based on a mix of modesty – the essential quality of every Soviet girl – and the sensuality inherent in Brigitte.”

Ulyana Sergeenko, Spring Summer 2012

Forties, Fifties, Folk – it’s Dr Zhivago, Showgirls, Rita Hayworth and Little House on the Prairie – all rolled into one. I’m in heaven!

And to top it all off she is is also a talented photographer. Why just have one string to your bow eh?

Ulyana Sergeenko, photograph, forties ladies

Ulyana Sergeenko, photograph, hat and slip

Ulyana Sergeenko photgraph, forties sunglasses

Ulyana Sergeenko, photgraph, forties hat

So my faith is restored and I’m now buzzing to get sewing.

So if your looking for vintage full skirt patterns and they’re all sold out, it’s probably me.

Look out Recreating Vintage there a huge amount of inspiration going down here!

From Russia with Love x


  1. I want, I want, I want those skirts!!! They’re amazing. I love how she styles them and makes them look so current. The red one is totally gorgeous! I hadn’t heard of her till now but Ulyana Sergeenko is definitely one to watch.

    Great post as always.

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