Just Peachy

How beautiful are these?

Bernadette Pascua, shoesBernadette Pascua, appleBernatte Pascua, Celine sunglasses

Bernadette Pascua, BalenciagaBerndatte Pascua, Chanel No 5, perfume bottlesBernadette Pascua, Byredo perfume bottle

I must admit I have encountered Bernadette Pascua through Miss Moss not through an extensive knowledge of fashion illustration! Miss Moss is absolutely right, I can’t get enough of her work. They are so simple and subtle in colour but  – wow, really pack a punch.

Bernadette is an illustrator based in Brooklyn who started drawing after completing a textiles degree. Not a native New Yorker, Bernadette moved there as a seventeen year old and says:

I wasn’t into much Fashion then, though it was always around me and I was always lucky to be surrounded by inspiring people. Living in a six floor walk up with a bunch of art kids, I could walk into the then calm Lower East Side in a quick ten minutes, when nightlife there was good and still a bit dirty.” 

If only the dirt of South London had the same effect!

Bernadette writes in her very beautifully illustrated blog Decade Diary:

Today I feel like the luckiest girl in the world being able to do full time freelance Illustration out of a Brooklyn apartment with my long time boyfriend and our adopted Shiba Inu. And an elevator.”

Oh yes….and a gorgeous apartment it is too…….so I’ll have a little bit of what she’s having please!

To see more of Bernadette’s work take a look at her Illustration Archives..

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