The Italians Get Thrifty

I don’t normally blog about fashion week (let’s face it the world is bursting with them) but today, the first day in Milan, was such a hit of eclecticism, so far removed from the rather austere cocoon shapes, clean lines or fringed 1970’s nostalgia of the past couple of weeks and past seasons, it just needed to be posted.

A mix of thrift shop chic from the 90’s – sheer lace, fur coats – 1940s florals and berets, embellished jumpers and obligatory library glasses, it looks like Milan Fashion Week just might be the one to watch this season. Vintage stores around the world are breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Gucci AW15

Gucci AW15

Gucci AW15

Gucci AW15

Gucci AW15

Gucci AW15

Luisa Beccaria AW15

Stella Jean AW15All images Gucci, Stella Jean and Luisa Beccaria courtesy of Style



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