Furry Friends & Fuzzy Felt

Do you remember my post on furry friends and flea market finds? That incredible apartment with the rather fascinating/disturbing taxidermy?

Well as a huge animal lover, I have to admit that taxidermy doesn’t sit too well with me, even if I wasn’t involved in the demise of the animal.

But here is something your really going to love “animal heads for animal lovers”.

Just take a look at these:

Animal heads for animal lovers, taxidermy, bloomsbury store, graham and green

How ingenious?

They just remind me of fuzzy felt and quite frankly not just for kids – I’m thinking rather seriously about the zebra for my kitchen.

I’m not entirely sure who produces them, but they are stocked at Graham and Green and the Bloomsbury Store, and rather cleverly they don’t all stock the same animal options:

Black bear, animal heads, felt heads, bloomsbury store

Felt elephant head, bloomsbury store, taxidermy

Fox head, taxidermy, bloomsbury store

polar bear, taxidermy, felt head, bloomsbury store

Animal Heads, Graham and Green, Taxidermy, felt heads

So who needs to go trudging round vintage stores?

Just get the felt out and a bit of stuffing, and create your own taxidermy. OMG, can you imagine the possibilities? Hmmm…….actually rather scary, I’m not sure it would end up looking like an animal at all!

But seriously, take a look at these online stores because they have some fabulous stocking fillers, even if fuzzy felt animal heads is not quite your bag.

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