I was born and bred in South London, and as you can see I was stealing my mum’s Vogues and Ideal Home from an extremely young age! At school my friend, Victoria, and I would run home and pour over the scene in “Calamity Jane” where Katie Brown tranforms Calamity’s shed with “A Woman’s Touch” – and low and behold a vintage lover was born!

With a huge interest in fashion, art and dance, I somehow ended up on a more academic path studying Renaissance History at Warwick University. Not something I regret (particularly studying italian in Venice) but definitely a lesson I shall be passing down to my children about following your passions and not what makes a good CV!

From there I have worked in so many areas – none of which have any connection between them whatsoever – from being a beautician, to a marketing manager .. hell even working in obstetrics and gynaecology and now a pole dancing teacher at PUSH Studios. Yes one of life’s wanderers!

My one companion and comfort throughout these journeys is my love of fashion, homes – particularly ones with a vintage inspiration – and how, together they can create a mood and a story – a glimpse into a sparkling, beautiful world and a perfect escape from the normalities of life.

It suddenly occurred to me that my interest and extensive scrapbook collection of images is almost a definition of my personality that my working life has never even come close to and while I browse back I realise that the same images still inspire and enthrall me as much as they did back then. So my good friend Emma said to me why not share them with the world? Why not indeed!

My aspiration for this blog is not just to record fashion and interiors but to create a mood or a storyboard which will inspire and unlease your own thoughts, ideas and memories.



  1. sophie king

    I am loving everything about your blog and I am currently singing ‘I get a kick out of you’ 😀

    Like you I adore everything vintage in fashion and home so I’m looking forward to reading your future posts.

    p.s. also loving your career path… very interesting. x

  2. Hi there. What a great blog! I found it because it is my 40th b’day in April and I am am having a hookers and pumps through the ages party… And I want to go as Lynn bracken from LA confidential. I just wondered if you’d consider selling the cape you made? By the way, you looked amazing! I am looking for a similar dress, but not an easy find! I have found amazing women called the powderpuff girls who can do my hair and make up really reasonably. I am saving up for this as I feel you are only 40 once! I am also a blogger http://www.crummymummywhodrinks.blogspot.com. Love your blog. Suzannex

    • Hi there. Loving your blog too and the idea of a hookers and pimps party. Might need to nick that idea!
      Yes, the cape is certainly for sale – £25 excl postage? Actually the dress is also for sale (size 12) but it is a genuine 1930’s dress so a more expensive piece (£120) but let me know if your interested and I can send you some more pics (it has a gorgeous vintage belt buckle which I don’t think you can really see on the blog). Otherwise you could try something like Coast or even another vintage fair. The next one in Hammersmith and Clerkenwell is on the 17th Feb. Hope this helps and thank you for commenting. Cxx

  3. Hey. I was waiting to see if I won a dress on ebay before replying! The dress you have is gorgeous – but I think I need to look abit less ‘classy’ and a bit more hideous! So may get some marabou type gown thing to look Hollywood hooker, instead of classy Kim Bracken! I love your blog – you are a very talented dress maker!/Craft person. I’ll keep reading! Suzannexx (PS thanks for reading and commenting on my blog)

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