Fun with Dolly, Barney & Keith – a retro challenge

Sounds a bit dodgy doesn’t it – I can ensure you, however, it is all above board.

February half term is dog week in our family. We meet up with the rest of the family and head down to Cornwall – hence fun with Keith, Dolly and Barney.

This year I set myself a challenge, specifically for the blog. Could I keep up a retro look whilst cavorting in the sea and the mud with the children and dogs whilst taking a very limited amount of clothes.

I’m not one for head to toe vintage. I love it on other people but for myself I prefer vintage pieces otherwise I feel a little bit like I’m in fancy dress – rather than it being a style statement.

So here is the result.

An Inspired Buys all the way from Cornwall. I even managed to colour coordinate with some of the dogs!

Sunglasses – Asos, Scarf – (I got mine from Plumo but you can still purchase it) here, Jumper – Hush, Lipstick – Nars Cruella Velvet Lip Pencil

Vintage Coat, Striped top – Uniqlo, Jeans – Freddies of Pinewood

Shirt – I got mine from Uniqlo winter collection but you can still get them from American Apparel, T-shirt – American Apparel, Jumper – make your own, Jeans as before

Shirt – Ripcurl, Scarf – White Stuff

Cardigan – Hush, Vintage Blouse from Plumo – see similar, Vintage Dress Clip

Sunglasses – as above, Scarf – as above, Vintage Coat

Hope you enjoyed my little journey and got a taste of the delights of Cornwall.


  1. gayle

    HI, I am loving your blog, would like to change to this style but have no ideas on hair make-up etc, would you consider doing a one off class ?? I’m sure there woud be others interested,

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