Midnight Eyes

Lashes, shadow and kohl. Who knew midnight eyes could look so good?biba eyes, smokey eyes. makeupBiba Eyes, makeup

60's eyes, makeup, kohl

Angelique Houtkamp, midnight eyes, smokey eyes, makeup

Biba eyes

biba eyes, ,makeup

David Bailey, 1960s, eyelashesHarpers & Queen 1976, Richard Avedon Vogue 1968, unknown, Angelique Houtkamp, Stephanie Farrow for Biba, unknown, David Bailey Vogue 1968






  1. I did this in the 1960s and felt incredibly chic! Could try it again too….have always liked ‘the look’ but
    may have to go a little less exaggerated.

    Love your blog too…have just found you…I get a kick out of you too.

    You must like Frank Sinatra too if you choose that line for the title of your blog!! Fabulous song.

    I’m from Australia….if you have some time take a squizz at my blog…Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond…mostly
    about Art and celebrating life. The address is http://parisallons-y.blogspot.com.


    P.S. My next post is going to be about a Hollywood Costume Exhibition that is currently showing in Brisbane. As good
    as anything I saw in Paris!!!!!!!!! Totally fab!

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