Polesque at Push Studios

So here they are. The pole shots as promised.

Not Jenyne Butterfly I know, but they’re a good visual guide to what my pole classes are all about. A bit of pole and a bit of burlesque……Carolyn Everitt, Pole dancing, PUSH studios

Pole dancing en pointe, Carolyn Everitt, Push Studios

Hang back, Pole dancing, Carolyn Everitt

Lace cat ears, pole en pointe, Carolyn Everitt, Push StudiosWalkingpole2

Plank position from sitting, pole dancing, Carolyn Everitthangback with extended arch, pole dancing, Carolyn Everitt

…..and yes there is an element of the Sex & the City episode, where Samantha gets “those” photographs taken – a record of what I could do and where things were before they start going south!

But who knows maybe I’ll hit my forties and develop the abs to do one of those horizontal pole holds, here’s hoping!

A big thank you to James and Amanda for their amazing input. James has also done a little write up on his blog – so do take a look. For more info on the Pole Fit classes contact PUSH Studios.



  1. Annia Krystyna

    I love,love Le Chat Femme! I’m green eyed in fact as it’s a perfect combo of retro, french film noir and theatre,Tres Bien!

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