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Paris is Bewitched

I’m wild again, beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again
Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered am I

Lanvin AW14

Lanvin AW14Ann Demeulemeester AW14, Paris

Ann Demeulemeester AW14

Lanvin AW14, Paris

Lanvin AW14

Ann Demeulemeester AW14, Paris

Ann Demeulemeester AW14

Balmain AW14, ParisLanvin AW14

Vintage Drama

Rather loving these moody, vintage pics from The Gifts of Life tumblr. I love that indian sheer top – can that really be vintage? If so please can it  make it’s way to Syd’s Vintage in Kirkdale so I can purchase it?

Vintage indian top

Feather vintage hat

VIntage indian headdress

vintage feathers and chandelier

Ellen Von Unwerth Channels The Follies

Since writing the trend report on the Ziegfeld Follies, I’m starting to see the Alfred Cheney Johnston magic everywhere.

Take a look at this cheeky photoshoot by Ellen Von Unwerth, featuring Camille Rowe, for Grey Magazine, it’s almost as if she’s taken a Follie girl into the backyard!

Ellen Von Unwerth, Grey Magazine, Camille Rowe

Ellen Von Unwerth, Grey Magazine, Camille Rowe

ellen Von Unwerth, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Grey Magazine, Camille Rowe

ellen Von Unwerth, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Grey Magazine, Camille Rowe

ellen Von Unwerth, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Grey Magazine, Camille Rowe

ellen Von Unwerth, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Grey Magazine, Camille Rowe

ellen Von Unwerth, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Grey Magazine, Camille RoweThe Pushettes are back in business this Saturday so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. Hopefully I will have some pics to share next week.


Bad Things

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a bit slow on the whole blog front recently because I’ve been a little distracted.

The reason being, I am choreographing a routine for my Pole class to “Bad Things”. Some of you will immediately recognise it as the opening track to True Blood.

Now, I didn’t watch True Blood when it first came out – but when I heard the tune I thought it would make an amazing pole soundtrack (and I’m not alone, if you take a look at YouTube!)….

However, I thought it would be pretty rude to use a song without investigating the series – all in the name of Pole, you understand! Well, I’m nearly at the end of Series 1 and totally addicted. So I’m afraid vampires have come between me and my blog. Shame!

Anyway, I thought I would show you the next pic from my project – a Ziegfeld Follies girl, which funnily enough wouldn’t look out of place in a vampire’s lair. Clearly it’s providing food for inspiration – which can only be a good thing. Right?

Ziegfeld Follies illustration, Carolyn Everitt, True Blood

Ziegfeld Follies, True Blood

If, and it’s a big “if”, the Pole routine is any good, I may well record it. I’m not hugely keen on the idea but I’m starting to think I should at least have some memorabilia before I get too old to do it.

Anyway now you know where my head’s at!

Why Don’t You….watch “The Eye Has to Travel”

I watched the documentary Diana Vreeland – The Eye Has To Travel over the weekend and it is an absolute must-see. I was totally transfixed from beginning to end.

Diana Vreeland

“I was the most hideous thing in the world”, Diana Vreeland told an interviewer in 1977 and perhaps because of this, she became the champion of the eclectic woman and the unconventional beauties of the world.

I won’t spoil her story here, you must definitely watch the film, but she was well known for her “Why Don’t You…” column in Harper’s Bazaar in the late 30’s which involved bizarre suggestions like “Why don’t you twist (your child’s) pigtails round her ears like macaroons!”

As you can imagine as fashion editor for Harper’s Bizarre and then Vogue, she delighted in the extraordinary and her fashion shots are still some of the most talked about. She launched many a face and made a huge impact in developing a more cosmopolitan consciousness in the world of fashion.

So I thought I would just highlight a few of her favourite people so you can get a taste for the film. Do, do watch it – it’s total escapism and a history of fashion all in one …..

Lauren Bacall, Diana Vreeland

The lady who discovered Lauren Bacall

Irving Penn, Geisha, Diana VreelandDiana loved Geisha girls (as pictured by Irving Penn in 1970)

Barbara Steisand, Vogue, Diana Vreeland

Barbara Streisand

Mick Jagger, Diana Vreeland

Mick Jagger photographed by David Bailey 1964

Rouge et Noir, Diaghliev's Ballet Russes, Diana Vreeland 1939

Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes 1939

Maria Callas, Diana Vreeland

Maria Callas

Lauren Hutton, Diana VreelandLauren Hutton

I shall now leave you for a week, as it’s half term here and it will no doubt be chaos….Cx

Decades of Desire

I now know the best way to get the presents you desire and that’s to write a post about them. Oh yes, some of those lovely 10 Best Books found their way into my stocking this year and I am one happy gal!

Now I’m not favouring one present over another, but I have to say Decades by Cameron Silver, which my cousin’s in law gave me, had me, (rather unfortunately for my family), totally mesmerised on Boxing Day.

The pictures are gorgeous. But the story of how this young cabaret singer who randomly started to collect vintage fashion, established a prestigious vintage store and essentially waited for the vintage trend to unfold, is totally fascinating. Needless to say Cameron Silver now dresses Oscar tipped celebrities.

So I guess you would like a sneak peek?

Decades by Cameron Silver,, Camille Clifford, Gibson Girl

Camille Clifford 1905, Gibson Girl

Decades by Cameron Silver, Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Johanna Staude

Gustav Klimt 1918, Portrait of Johanna Staude

Decades by Cameron Silver, Chanel Dress 1924

1924 Dress by Chanel

Decades by Cameron Silver, 1930


Decades by Cameron Silver, Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray 1938

Decades by Cameron Silver, Red scarf by Clare McCardell

Red Scarf by Clare McCardell 1946

Decades by Cameron Silver, Grace Kelly, To Catch a Thief

Grace Kelly, To Catch a Thief, 1955

Decades by Cameron Silver, Monica Vitti 1965

Monica Vitti 1965

Decades by Cameron Silver, Bianca Jagger, yellow kaftan, Zandra Rhodes

Bianca Jagger in Zandra Rhodes

Decades by Cameron Silver,

1980’s gets edgy! Loving those canary yellow knickers!

Now you know why I was rather uncommunicative!

Igetakickoutofyou 10 Best Books for Christmas

I’ve seen so many books I want to get for Christmas that I’ve started making a list. Which has now turned into a post!

And if your loved ones are anything like me then these are sure to please on Christmas Day.

I’ve even added them to my Amazon affiliate store, so you can buy them straight from the links below:

My problem is I want ALL of them!


Dressed to Kill, Jazz Age Fashion by Virginia & Daisy Bates

Decades, A Century of Fashion by Cameron Silver20121204-205145.jpg

Hollywood Sketchbook by Deborah Nadoolman Landis

Sieff Fashion 1960 – 2000

20121204-205227.jpgThe Essential Cecil Beaton 1920 – 1970

Coming into Fashion: A Century of Photography at Condé Nast

20121204-205249.jpgMaster Photographers

Muses, Women Who Inspire

Happy Shopping! Cx

The Vintage Pinks

In August 1996 Vogue ran an article entitled “Does your house suit you?” Plum Sykes interviewed women whose homes reflected their whole style ethos.

One of these women was Yvonne Spore, a stylist, whose plaster pink walls enthralled my 17-year-old mind so much so, that I still have the article.

Believe it or not there weren’t even many images in the article other than the one below. But the description blew my mind.

Vogue 1996, Yvonne Spore, Plum Sykes

What just happened was this: she knocked out the interior of a suburban house, raised the roof, left the newly plastered walls their pinkish colour, put down limed-oak floors – “They look like they’ve been washed and washed” – and moved in her two beige cats and extensive wardrobe, the colours of which range from mother of pearl and oyster to cappuccino. She complements the house and the house flatters her style; it’s a créme-caramel experience.

As Lucille Lewin of Whistles says. “Yvonne just is vanilla. Her hair, her clothes – she even smells like vanilla”.

I wanted to be vanilla. I really wanted to be vanilla!

The whole idea of a style permeating through any and every outlet was incredibly appealing – I even bought some vanilla perfume from Body Shop to be just like Yvonne.

I think I may have gone slightly overboard on the whole perfume bit because vanilla now makes me feel slightly nauseous but four houses down the line, those plaster pink walls are still with me.

I can’t actually say that I have ever gone as far as to leave my walls unpainted (although that’s only because my husband would disapprove massively) but I do realise that I have a slight colour obsession, only not with vanilla, I’m vintage pink!

I can spot that slightly dusty salmony pink from a far and I’m hooked.

I can see it in the Zara Wood illustration I just bought, a vintage coat and a slightly saucy pin up pic I found at the vintage fair this weekend, my 1920’s lampshade and my grandmother’s beautiful Edwardian quilt cover – the colour even makes it way into my boards on pinterest.
Nicole, Zara Wood, Woody, fashion illustration

Dusty pink fur collar vintage coat

Pin Up Dusty pink fairy

1920s lampshade, dusty pink

vintage edwardian rose print fabric

Vintage pink 1940s style

So if you find anything which says to you vintage pink, send it my way! I’m building an empire.

Cinnamon & Spice in Spitalfields

I saw this gorgeous book in Anthropologie, “Interiors” by Martyn Thompson, and it’s a feast of vintage inspired homes.

Martyn Thompson, Interiors, Isle Crawford

Since Autumn is well and truly upon us I thought this photoshoot hit the spot perfectly. Cinnamon and spice in Spitalfields.

Mulled wine anyone?

Martyn Thompson, Interiors, Isle Crawford, Spitalfields

Martyn Thompson, Interiors, Isle Crawford, Spitalfields

Martyn Thompson, Interiors, Isle Crawford, Spitalfields

Martyn Thompson, Interiors, Isle Crawford, Spitalfields

The Spitalfields House is in the east of London. It’s often rented out as a location and I used to shoot here a lot, mainly fashion and accessories stories. I grew up in Sydney, where basically things are new, so when I first arrived in Paris and London I found this kind of antiquity incredibly appealing. Floorboards and walls are marked from hundreds of years of use. You don’t have to work at creating an atmosphere.”

Winner Announced – 100th Post Locket Giveaway

Thank you everyone who posted a comment. I’m now left with a bit of a dilemma!

I love Linda and Rachel’s entry. It really was a decade in which incredible women did incredible things and perceived themselves in a totally different way.

Louise Brooks in tulle

Since I can’t decide between the two I shall make you both winners and design an extra locket.


(if you could both email me with your addresses @ carolyneveritt@hotmail.co.uk I shall send them out asap)