Skinny Rich Fairies

I found a woman after my own heart at the vintage fair on Sunday. She had this wonderful stall with the most incredibly dressed mannequins. The difference about this stall? The clothes weren’t miniscule, nor torn, nor soiled – they were perfect and detailed in the way you want vintage clothes to be.

Skinny Rich Faires, Hammersmith Vintage Fair

The reason they’re so perfect is because they are recreated. But, you know how sometimes you see recreated vintage and it just doesn’t seem right – I suppose partly because of the mix of today’s and yesterday’s fabrics? Skinny Rich Fairies was spot on.

skinny rich fairies, recreated vintage bodice

skinny rich fairies, cream bodice and lace skirt

I was immediately drawn to this beautiful pair of grey trousers with lace inserts. I didn’t know at the time they were recreated and I was totally perplexed, I just couldn’t place them – 20’s, 70’s? In addition there was a choice of tops to go with them – all equally gorgeous.

Grey silk trousers with lace inserts

Grey silk trousers lace inserts, skinny rich fairies

Grey silk trousers lace inserts, skinny rich fairies

The work is extremely skilled. I’m not sure I could recreate such detail and I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that the seamstress used to be one of Princess Margaret’s. That’s ok then – I don’t need to get “vintage recreation envy” – this is a professional, way out of my league.

So if you’re looking for something totally unique but with a vintage edge then do check this out or contact them on – and if you buy the grey pantsuit I shall be very jealous!

1920s chenille fringed jacket, skinny rich fairies

1920s mustard jacket, skinny rich fairies

ruched dress, recreating vintage, skinny rich fairies

I am now going to return to my own vintage recreation or should I say restoration. A beautiful, but very damaged sequin flapper dress, which is taking an age to sew back together. It’s for a shindig on Friday with my fellow burlesque ladies which I’m really looking forward to – at least this time we shall be applauding not performing.

Herr Kettner's Cabaret, London, Burlesque

I can feel a post coming on for next week!

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