Hip Shaking 1930’s Style

Carolyn Everitt, 1931 dress

Carolyn Everitt, 1931 dress

Carolyn Everitt, 1931 dress

If you were browsing through this post, not noticing too much of the detail of these shots, like the mini-cab in the background – would you think for a moment that they were vintage?

I hope so, as this was my attempt at a 1931 “Recreating Vintage” for my cousin-in-law’s wedding (the gorgeous one who features in A Dress of Envy).

You might remember I said that I also wanted an Atonement dress.

Well, this was my compromise – a dress with interesting hip detail – very “de rigueur” in 1930.

I managed to track down this 1931 vintage vogue pattern, which unfortunately is now out of print (but I have seen it on Ebay).

Whilst I was at the local market I found this amazing fabric, almost like liquid silver – it was just rolled in a ball at the bottom of the pile…….

Vintage Vogue Pattern 1931

and with a little help from my mum, of course – ta dah…..

1931 Dress collage

The dress ended up a little larger than I anticipated and I did have to do a little magic safety-pinning, at the back, so it didn’t swamp me. But better that way than the other – there’s nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into something only to find the damn thing is busting at the seams.

In retrospect I think this style of dress suits a more boyish figure, particularly in a shiny fabric. There are a few photos where my rear looks like it could take out Manhattan – but it’s just the light, obviously……

Now I have to think about a) another occasion for this dress and b) another wedding that’s coming up, which is going to need something super special, as us ladies will be competing with some rather smart Blue’s & Royals uniforms!

So while I ponder that one, here are some original hip shakers to savour:

1929 Fashion illustration

Anonymous 1929 taken from Art Deco Fashion, The Pepin Press

1930 Fashion Illustration, Kenneth Crouch, Harpers Bazaar

Kenneth Crouch for Harpers Bazaar 1930

Vintage Lending Library, hip detail dress, 1930

Vintage Lending Library 1930

Vintage Lending Library 1930

1930s patterns from the Vintage Lending Library 

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5 thoughts on “Hip Shaking 1930’s Style

  1. Olivia

    I’ve been searching high and low for a dress pattern very similar to that. Also hollywood glamour style as well, I was wondering if you could give me a heads up about where I can get hold of similar dress patterns? The dress looks fantastic! x

    1. igetakickoutofyou Post author

      Hi Olivia – I would take a look at sovintagepatterns (it’s on my links page) because they have loads of original patterns – some can be rather pricey particularly if they go back to the 1930’s.
      The one problem I do find with original patterns is the sizing – they are generally quite small & I do find pre-1950s rather difficult to follow. So I would definitely take a look at the vintage selection on Vogue & simplicity & just check the measurements (like the length of body) before you cut the pattern out.
      I would also look at general evening dress patterns & think how they can be adapted to look more vintage e.g type of material or maybe purchase some dress clips from a vintage fair – because the sizing will be better & the instructions invariably easier to follow. Feel free to email me if you want to chat about it further. Hope this helps! Cx


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